Interest Groups

Evening Book Group: This group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month, alternating between 6:30 PM for potluck dinner meetings and 7:30 for dessert meetings. The group usually reads current, well- received novels, chosen by consensus, but has been known to read a biography, a classic, or even poetry.

Day Book Group: This group meets the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30 AM at various restaurants around town. The group reads a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, both current and past favorites, all chosen by consensus. These “early birds” enjoy literature, breakfast and a great discussion!

Adelante Book Group: The Adelante Book Group usually meets every other month on the fourth Thursday. Books are chosen from the Adelante Book of the Month Club list, which is located on the AAUW national website ( For more information, contact Dana Henning at, please put Adelante in the subjext . New members are encouraged to come!

Movie Sisters Group: Movie Sisters deepen their imaginations, sense of justice, awareness of women’s roles, and why some women transition into different roles by watching movies written, directed, and/or produced by women. From January to December 2018 the ten movies we viewed number/average: 21/2 writers, 8/1 director, and 15/2 producers. Our average attendance was 4 members and 1 guest. We wish more of you would come! While we may be few, we are dedicated and really enjoy movie
sisters! Try to attend at least a few this year!
Our discussions after the movie always address women’s roles in the story. We try to answer questions such as:
1. What roles did women portray in this movie?
2. Does this movie provide inspiration for women’s empowerment and in what arenas were they empowered?
3. Did a woman go through any transformations, change roles, in this story? What motivated these changes?
4. Did this story affect you personally at any level? Would you like your daughter, sister, or granddaughter to see this show?
5. Would you recommend this movie to your granddaughter or daughter…why?
Enjoy learning about women directors in 2019! 

Movie Sisters are Reel Fun and Informative! Become a Movie Sister!