Community Outreach

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a program that has no cost to our members, but will provide benefits for an organization in our community.  The Pendleton Child Service Center participates in the Farm Fresh 1-2-3-4 Community Program which allows the Center the opportunity to earn free educational equipment by saving Farm Fresh receipts September through May.  The regular portion of the receipts that detail your purchases or the 1-2-3-4 Community portion (when available) will be honored. Pendleton, which is located right here in Virginia Beach, addresses the needs of children with behavioral and emotional problems.  Over half of the total receipts received were contributed by our branch, and the staff and students at Pendleton were most appreciative of our help.  So from September to May save your receipts from Farm Fresh, G.W. Marketplace and the Market at Tobacco Row. At each branch meeting, there will be an envelope for your receipts.

Our Pennies for Prescription outreach program now supports the efforts of the Beach Free Clinic. Our small but steady donations help the less fortunate in our community to stay on their medications. Get your friends, families and co-workers involved. By making a difference in the community, everyone wins! Keep those pennies coming and many thanks for all your help.

Suited for Success is a non-profit organization that provides interview appropriate clothing for women and men in need.  Our branch strives to support this endeavor. So as you clean out your clothes and cupboards, please set aside the following items: men and women suits, dresses with jackets only, men dress shirts, shoes, purses, hose in package, men socks in package and accessories (jewelry, ties, scarves, belts).  All items must be clean and on hangers.

For more information on any of our community outreach efforts, email